Library Management System

Library Management System

RFID Library Management Basic Components:

1.HF Gate Reader

2.HF ISO15693 paper sticker

3.HF fixed reader with one antenna port

4.HF handheld antenna

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Product Details

In order to let library books management become more effective, no matter for school library or public library, all of them bring in RFID technical for library management application.

To search books on shelf, you can use our HF middle range reader connect with our HF handheld antenna.

Follow is the products detailed information:

1.    CF-RH9011,1W HF RFID middle range reader with one antenna port.

This reader is 13.56MHz frequency, it can support ISO15693 protocol to read, the read range can up to 30~40cm if connect with our HF handheld antenna at the normal environment, with RS232 interface.

2.    CF-RA1007,HF RFID handheld antenna,.

This handheld antenna is 13.56MHz frequency, with 6W power, can connect with our 1W HF middle range reader, made by soft-PVC material, come with handle and cable.

For library books anti-theft management, you can put our HF gate antenna reader on the entrance, stick I-code2 tags on the books, when someone borrow books, use desktop reader writer to remove tags EAS function, then they can take the books out of library, if don't remove tag EAS,when book pass gate antenna reader, it will alarm.

1.    CF-RH900,HF RFID gate antenna reader

This reader is 13.56MHz frequency, it can support ISO15693 protocol, with anti-collision function, and built in 4 line infrared motion detection sensor.

With EAS function, with RS232/RS485/TCP/IP interface, the read range can up to 1.2m if use our standard I-code2 tags at the normal environment.

The completed sets including one 4W ISO15693 reader and writer, two gate antenna, cables, adaptor.

We already installed total equipment in our side,you can use it directly.

2.    CF-RH320,USB RFID ISO15693 desktop reader writer.

This reader is 13.56MHz frequency it can support ISO15693 protocol to read and write, with USB interface, come with active and remove tag EAS function.

3.    I-code2 paper labels,

This label can make as 13.56MHz frequency, put I-code2 chips inside, can read and write, made by paper, the size is 50*50mm, come with glue, can stick on book surface directly.

All of our reader come with completed English SDK, demo software, user manual and source code, and those documents will help you develop the software for your application.


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