Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

RFID Access Control System Basic Components:

1.UHF Integrated Long Range Reader

2.UHF PVC White Cards

3.UHF desktop reader and writer

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Nowadays, there are many large conference with high grade, such as some forum conference, summit meeting, people's congress and so on, will come with many representatives, and lead to the conference organization management work become more complex. Therefore, how to make the effective administration become an       important core.

The traditional conference attendance method is signed by hand, and then through the public security check the representatives’ identity, it leads to the low work efficiency.

Actually, for this application, can use RFID products to manage, put UHF long range reader on the conference gate, let every attendance people put UHF wristband tags on hand, when they come close to the reader, it will identify tag, then transfer information to system.

Follow is the simple introduction of reader and tag:

1.CF-RU5112,UHF long range reader,

it can support ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2) protocol to read and write, the read range can up to 4~5m if use our standard UHF wristband tags at the normal environment, with RS232/WG26/RS485/TCP/IP interface.

2.G9608,UHF long range tag,

This tag is UHF frequency support ISO18000-6C protocol with alien h3 chip.

It is made by silicon material with long reading range as long as 2-3 meters.

more detailed information,please come to below link to check:

Through this way, can let personnel management become more efficiency, simple and convenience, can be used for different location, such as large business conference, political conference,  high range Club etc.

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