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Utility Maintenance Workers Gain Efficiency With RFID
- Sep 02, 2016 -

Utility Maintenance Workers Gain Efficiency With RFID

Copenhagen utility services company Hofor has reduced the amount of time that its staff spends on data collection during water line maintenance by nearly 40 percent, by using an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification solution. The RFID system allows the firm to automatically identify a valve, access its history and input any work employees perform on it while in the field. Hofor has so far decided to equip about half of its 160,000 water line stop valves with RFID tags, for the purpose of tracking maintenance and repair work.

The use of RFID makes valve maintenance work easier and more accurate for Hofor's staff, says Ole Skytte, the company's section head. "We wanted our workers in the field to have correct data for maintenance." Skytte explains. "It was difficult for them to get historic data out in the field before we put RFID tags on all components." Once the valves are all tagged, the company will also use the technology to track tools and supplies at its aboveground facility. Tagging tools so that they can be tracked within the firm's main facility, he reports, will begin later this year.

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