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Utility Company Uses RFID To Identify Underground Pipes, Wires
- Nov 03, 2016 -

Utility Company Uses RFID to Identify Underground Pipes, Wires

Seattle-based underground utility maintenance and inspection company Bravo Environmental is burying a radio frequency identification tag at each location it accesses underground, in order to create an automatic record of what occurred, as well as where and when, and to enable personnel and customers to locate a particular pipe, conduit or other underground equipment after it is covered. The company is using the InfraMarker's asset-management solution, provided by Berntsen—which consists of the RFID tags, an iOS- and Android-based app, and geographic information systems (GIS) software supplied AmigoCloud—to manage data regarding each marker's location.
Bravo Environmental operates vacuum trucks to clean sewer lines and catch basins, and also provides excavation (commonly referred to as potholing) by digging holes to search for buried pipes or other infrastructure, in advance of construction projects. This task, known as subsurface utility engineering (SUE), is carried out so that when contractors begin a project—as building a road or digging a trench, for example—they can avoid inadvertently striking an existing underground pipe, cable or other asset.

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