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U.K. Logistics Provider Paragon Use RFID For Vehicles Management
- May 13, 2016 -

RFID for vehicles management


U.K. logistics provider Paragon Automotive is employing a radio frequency identification solution to track Kia vehicles near the Port of Immingham, on England's east coast, as vehicles are painted or otherwise modified, stored and then shipped to retail locations. The system consists of Paragon's own management software, a combination of mobile and fixed RFID readers, and an EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tag attached to each vehicle so that the company can track its location. Using RFID enables Paragon to meet the high-volume, fast-paced requirements of an automotive market that has been growing in the United Kingdom.


Last year, Kia opened its new 35-hectare (86.5-acre) facility in Stallingborough for receiving vehicles manufactured abroad, finishing them and then shipping those cars to retail locations or fleets, such as rental agencies, in the United Kingdom. Paragon provides onsite storage and finishing services for those vehicles. The automotive service company installed its RFID system to boost visibility into the locations of cars, in order to increase its efficiency. Paragon serves auto manufacturers with refurbishment services for used cars, as well as finishing services for new vehicles. In the latter case, the company provides port operations; including preparing vehicles according to customer requirements, storing them in secure outdoor compounds and then releasing them for shipping. The firm services 750,000 used and new cars annually.

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