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Toronto Expands RFID-Enabled Bike-Sharing Program
- Jun 08, 2016 -

Toronto Expands RFID-Enabled Bike-Sharing Program

The Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) announced that it had selected Montreal-based bike-sharing solutions company PBSC Urban Solutions as the new supplier for its Bike Share Toronto network. This year, the TPA will purchase 1,000 new RFID-enabled bicycles and 120 new stations from PBSC. This acquisition more than doubles the number of bikes in TPA's bicycle-sharing program. Meanwhile, Chicago's Divvy program, which has comprised 476 PBSC stations and 4,760 PBSC bikes since 2013, has begun expanding its network by adding 99 stations and 1,000 bikes.

PBSC was launched in 2008 to provide a bike-sharing system to its home city of Montreal. The BIXI-Montreal network now has 5,200 bikes and 460 stations. To date, PBSC has provided its solution to approximately 20 cities worldwide, as well as to several colleges. PBSC provides and operates the bicycle-sharing program for its clients, using passive high-frequency (HF) RFID tags supplied by Syrma Technology and PBSC's own readers, made by a third-party manufacturer. The use of RFID accomplishes two things, the organization reports: identifying a user in order to provide him or her with access to a bike, and identifying the bicycle itself once it is docked at a station and locked in place.

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