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Think BHP Billiton Launched The British Jay R2000 Module RFID Handheld Mixer
- Mar 25, 2016 -

In the industry, think BHP Billiton RFID handheld Terminal is known for customization technology, research and development team, customer demand for the purpose of processing can be customized, feature added and reduced, module integration and decomposition, introduction of more specialized technology, RFID, ZigBee technology, Beidou positioning, mobile payment, identification, 485 interface with 232 interface has also been added to speed up data transfer. Think BHP Billiton to break the traditional pattern of enterprise sales, new models, once formed, more humane can serve the public, accelerate the development of enterprise mobility business.
British Jay company R2000 is RFID industry-recognized high performance RFID chips, this chip is powerful, not only with RSSI function, more launched in capacities for conflict prevention. Through efforts in the research and development sector, think BHP Billiton launched a built-in R2000 long-range RFID handheld.

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