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THINaër Launches Low-Cost Beacon-based RTLS
- Jun 23, 2016 -

THINaër Launches Low-Cost Beacon-based RTLS

THINaër is marketing a real-time location system (RTLS) that employs Bluetooth beacons with built-in sensors. The RTLS consists of THINaër's Bluetooth beacons and receivers, along with cloud-based software that provides the necessary analytics to understand the meaning behind the locations and movements of items and individuals, as well as any sensor-related data.
The solution is currently targeted at health-care and aerospace companies, as well as the oil and gas industries. However, THINaër notes, it could be used in other sectors as well, such as logistics or retail. One health-care provider has already launched a permanent THINaër deployment to locate assets, and potentially personnel and patients, while other companies are still in trials that began earlier this year.

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