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Tapestry Solutions Commercializes Enterprise-wide IoT System
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Tapestry Solutions Commercializes Enterprise-wide IoT System

A year after launching an enterprise-wide Internet of Things (IoT)-based solution to capture and manage radio frequency identification and other sensor data at 50 Boeing assembly sites, San Diego-based software company Tapestry Solutions is marketing a commercial version of the system. The new version, called Enterprise Sensor Integration (ESI), is aimed at large companies across multiple industries.
At Boeing, the existing solution—which it calls the Automated Identification Technology – Information Management System (AIT-IMS)—manages all data collected from more than 1,000 different sensor devices, such as readers, receivers and access points across the aerospace company's U.S. sites. The data being centrally managed on Boeing's server comes from both passive and active RFID readers, as well as from GPS technology and multiple software platforms, so that users can access data regarding assets, work in progress (WIP) and materials at numerous sites.

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