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Study The Latest RFID Reader With Impinj R2000 Module
- Mar 25, 2016 -

Recently, the research on Jiangsu science and technology announced that later came out with Impinj R2000 Gao Xin split RFID reader module.
The reader can support ISO18000-6B/6C Protocol electronic label read-write, and can be widely applied to people, livestock, and label assets management field.
GAO Xin split RFID reader (ETAG-R530) to support the initiative, answered, triggering three modes; with multiple interfaces such as RS232, RJ45, GPIO, and WIFI. Internal support 800 labels (maximum length of EPC 496bits) cache, and can support a secondary development.
UHF split-type RFID reader using the ETAG-A09 antenna test, read from more than 10 feet away, speed reader less than 60ms, with 4 external TNC connectors. Use a 9V (8~12V) power supply, 800mA (max 1500mA) operating current.

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