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Smart Meter Design Based On RFID Technology
- Mar 25, 2016 -

Induction type energy meter, and the General electric energy meter many defects, such as poor features a single, tamper-proof effect, meter backward, IC card damage pollution, in order to adapt to the trend of intelligent electric energy meter. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to power the transmission of information, better reflect the RFID Contactless, passive, information security, and other advantages. Radio frequency identification technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, through radio frequency signals to white recognition and access to relevant data. Basic RFID system consists of electronic standard answer (RF), readers and application software consists of two parts. RFTD tags by the chip and antenna, a label has a unique electronic coding. According to send RF signals in different ways. Labels can be divided into active and passive two-port active tags by a built-in battery-powered active sends RF signals to the reader. Passive tags receive electromagnetic signals to the reader, put part of the electromagnetic energy into energy for their work so as to respond. Readers are responsible for sending a read and accept the label to label the answer, decodes the label object identity information, joint and several other pertinent information on the label identifies an object information transmission to the host for processing. Liability your RFID application support software and hardware with the enterprise = application or organization-related functions.

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