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Sharp Chula Vista Uses RTLS To Locate Patients, Manage Beds
- Jul 27, 2016 -

Sharp Chula Vista Uses RTLS to Locate Patients, Manage Beds

California's Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, located approximately 15 miles south of San Diego, is employing a real-time location system (RTLS) and patient-management software supplied by TeleTracking Technologies to monitor patients' locations. Since the system was taken live in September 2015, management reports that it has enabled the hospital to increase bed throughput by issuing alerts to its housekeeping staff when patients leave, and to help personnel and visitors quickly locate patients in real time.

Sharp Chula Vista's parent organization, Sharp HealthCare, initially launched TeleTracking's patient-flow software in 2013 at all of its hospitals, and at some outpatient clinics. Subsequently, the company implemented an RTLS to locate some high-demand or high-value assets at most of its facilities. Sharp is using the Chula Vista hospital as its patient-tracking pilot project, before deploying the technology throughout its health-care facilities.

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