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Robotics And RFID To Manage Your Wardrobe
- Apr 24, 2017 -

ThreadRobe, a Virginia-based startup, intends to automate the way in which people store and manage their clothes. Its new automated armoire—which employs passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID technology, as well as a mobile app—is being sold directly to consumers. With the technology in place, users can deposit clean clothes into a bin, and the armoire will then identify each item via RFID, hang it up and provide it to the user—freshly steamed—when requested. The app enables users to view what is hanging in the armoire, and to make requests. This, according to the company, helps them with buying, packing and strategizing their wardrobe for the coming days or weeks.

"We've been talking to consumers for over a year to understand what's most important to them," says Kristy Schultz, ThreadRobe's marketing VP. That effort, she says, determined that "the biggest pain point is folding and putting away clothes." So the ThreadRobe system is intended to take that task from the user. Once clean clothes are throw into the bin, the armoire's built-in robotics pick up and hang each item, then automatically steam the garment before providing it to the individual when required.

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