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RFID Helps Mentally Disabled Laundry Workers Do Their Jobs
- Jul 04, 2016 -

RFID Helps Mentally Disabled Laundry Workers Do Their Jobs

Switzerland's Foundation of Valais in Favor of Mentally Handicapped Persons (FOVAHM) has been employing radio frequency identification technology to simplify the process that its mentally handicapped job trainees use to launder linens and clothing belonging to individuals enrolled in FOVAHM's programs.

The FOVAHM foundation provides job-training workshops for people with disabilities. The association houses and trains approximately 360 individuals at its center in Valais. The training includes 17 different professions, one involving work within laundry departments. The facility, known as the mARTigny boutique-hôtel, has a built-in laboratory for training, which serves as its own laundry facility. The La Romaine laundry facility, located in a 360-square-meter (3,875-square-foot) basement, was created both to launder the clothing of all residents and linens used for bedding and dining, and to provide training for about 10 residents who clean those items.

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