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RFID Brings Visibility To LCD Flat Display Manufacturer
- Oct 25, 2016 -

RFID Brings Visibility to LCD Flat Display Manufacturer

LCD flat screen manufacturing company Innolux has installed a passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID system to track the arrivals and departures of vehicles and palletized goods at one of its plants in Taiwan. Since the solution was installed in June of this year, the company reports that it has boosted efficiency and reduced the incidence of errors that previously resulted from trucks going to the wrong dock door, or from goods being difficult to locate.
Innolux next plans to install the same system at its factories in China. The implementation consists of Alien Technology readers and UHF RFID tags, provided by EPC Solutions Taiwan. The tags—which were installed in the ground, as well as on forklifts, metal and plastic pallets, and shipping containers—were made by EPC Solutions using Alien Higgs 3 RFID chips. Innolux employs its own software to manage the collected RFID read data.

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