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RFID Automates Payments At Regina's Snow Dump
- Oct 08, 2016 -

 RFID Automates Payments at Regina's Snow Dump

The Canadian city of Regina is using radio frequency identification technology to automatically bill companies that dispose of snow at its municipal snow storage facility. With the system, the city provides RFID stickers that can be attached to truck windshields so that RFID readers can identify each time a vehicle arrives to dump a load, enabling the city to bill the owner accordingly.

The solution was provided by the city's security and access-control technology vendor, Reliable Security and Controls, says Norman Kyle, Regina's director of roadways and transportation.

When a truck comes within range of the Times-7 reader antenna suspended overhead, a Feig Electronics reader captures the unique ID number encoded to its windshield tag. A traffic light installed beside the reader then turns green, signaling the driver to proceed.

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