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PillDrill Uses RFID To Bring Peace Of Mind
- Dec 08, 2016 -

PillDrill Uses RFID to Bring Peace of Mind

Earlier this year, a company called PillDrill launched an RFID-enabled pill-dispensing system designed to help patients manage their medications and monitor their well-being. The solution, also known as PillDrill, is based around a device called a Hub, which contains a built-in RFID reader. Users can attach passive RFID tags to pill bottles, pill packs and other types of medicine containers. The company also offers an RFID-enabled weekly pill organizer consisting of seven removable pill containers (pods), each with its own RFID tag attached to its base.
Once a person's medication schedule is programmed into the PillDrill website, the Hub flashes a light and emits a tone whenever it is time for a user to take his or her pills, and its large LCD screen displays precise dosage information. To indicate that the dosage has been taken, the patient waves the appropriate pill container over the Hub.

A patient waves a pill container above the Hub to indicate that he or she has taken a dosage.

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