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PervasID Releases RFID Readers For RTLS, Portal Applications
- Nov 18, 2016 -

PervasID Releases RFID Readers for RTLS, Portal Applications

PervasID, a startup company founded by University of Cambridge researchers, has launched an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID reader designed to provide read accuracy near 100 percent, and to allow the automatic monitoring of tags for the purpose of constant stock-control updates. The device can identify the locations of thousands of items within a store, stock room or warehouse, as well as determine a particular product's location within a meter or less.
The device, known as the Space Ranger 9100, is an overhead reader with four pairs of external ceiling-mounted antennas. It can cover 4,500 square feet in low-density read areas (where RFID-tagged items are not densely packed) or 450 square feet for high-density reads in which many tagged items are located within a small area and a user requires nearly 100 percent tag detection.

The company is also releasing an RFID portal known as the Gate Ranger 9100 that it claims can interrogate tags with high accuracy and detect the direction at which each tag moves through the portal. The device is intended for entrances, exits, loading areas and other strategic locations, says Sithamparanathan Sabesan, PervasID's CEO and one of the company's cofounders.
A major retailer has tested the solution, and is installing an earlier version of PervasID's readers within a 45,000-square-foot store. That deployment covers receiving, storage, sales and fitting-room areas, spanning two floors and more than 100,000 tagged items.

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