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Onsite Mechanic Firm Manages Inventory Via RFID
- Jun 28, 2016 -

Armored Diesel Repair & Services developed a Smart Trailer that delivers internal benefits and lowers customer downtime and costs.

In 2015, Armored Diesel adopted an RFID inventory-management solution designed to keep the trailers well stocked, and to speed up service and repair for customers. The Smart Trailer solution, which has been deployed at one customer site, has reduced truck and pump downtime by 20 to 40 hours per month (the value of one hour of downtime equals more than a $1,000 for these chemical firms, Mueller explains). In addition, the system is helping Armored Diesel to trim internal costs and operate in a more agile and flexible manner. The firm now sees fewer inventory and ordering errors, he says, and mechanics in the field are far more efficient and productive.

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