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NFC Enables Band To Engage With Fans Who Buy Their Merchandise
- Aug 07, 2017 -

A handful of bands and musicians, including California band Airspoken, are applying Near Field Communication (NFC) technology on merchandise to connect with fans who buy their T-shirts or access to download their music. The technology is provided by Innercell, a California startup owned by Twych Innovation. The company's goal is to create a network for universal NFC-enabled connections, linking phone users to specific content.

Innercell has been developing the technology during the past 18 months as a simple and relatively low-cost solution that companies can use to access customers. "We've been quietly doing development and testing," says Daniel Jordan, Innercell's president, CEO and co-founder. The result, he says, is an easy way for brands and manufacturers to provide NFC-enabled products to consumers globally.

The company is starting with the music industry. The Innercell platform consists of software-as-a-service (SaaS) that allows companies to easily create content on a cloud-based server that consumers will be able to access via a touch of a smartphone. The company predicts that with Apple's plans to provide NFC functionality in iOS 11 devices, the popularity of NFC-based systems will increase (NFC is already supported by Android-based devices).

Airspoken is among the technology's early adopters. Innercell provided the NFC 13.56 MHz labels for T-shirts, as well as built into Flash tags—a small sticker that can be purchased to provide fans with audio distribution platform Sound Cloud, Spotify or other app-based music based downloads of music from the band. The NFC tag is attached to the left sleeve of each T-shirt, with a removable Innercell logo indicating where to tap an NFC-enabled phone.



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