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Medacta USA Tries RFID For Parts Tracking
- Oct 13, 2016 -

Medacta USA Tries RFID for Parts Tracking

Orthopedic implant company Medacta USA is piloting an RFID-enabled solution to track its loaner kits when they are provided to hospitals. Each kit comes in the form of a case filled with Medacta USA implant products. The system, supplied by inventory-management technology firm Terso Solutions, allows Medacta USA to receive daily updates regarding which products are inside each case, as well as each time the case is opened. In this way, users can view which implants remain in a particular kit, and where that case is located. That information is intended to help the company prevent errors, investigate losses and, if Medacta USA adopts the system permanently, automate the billing process.

Since Medacta USA began testing the technology, says Shawn McIntyre, the company's director of operations, it has been able to more accurately and efficiently replenish kits with replacement items—even when cases are still in the field—since Medacta USA now knows which items were removed from the kit and not returned. It also knows when and where those actions occurred.

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