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Malibu To Enable Consumers To Order Drinks With A Twist
- Nov 08, 2016 -

Malibu to Enable Consumers to Order Drinks With a Twist

Malibu, a brand best known for its coconut-flavored rum, is expanding its product line with a drinking vessel designed to simplify the process of obtaining a refill. The coconut-shaped mug, called a Coco-nect cup, effectively functions as an active radio frequency identification tag through the use of Bluetooth technology, allowing bar-goers to send out a signal when they want a drink. The beverages will then be delivered to the appropriate customers, allowing those individuals to continue talking or dancing, instead of having to leave their group in order to quench their thirst.
When ready for another drink, a patron twists the bottom of the Coco-nect cup. Its base begins to glow, and the built-in battery-powered tag transmits a 2.4 GHz signal to inform the bartender of the customer's drink order, as well as his or her location, via a special app running on a tablet PC installed at the bar. When the server presses the "accept order" icon on the tablet's touchscreen, a light on the bottom of the cup changes color. The cups form a mesh network, using the Bluetooth protocol to pass the drink order from one Coco-nect to another, until it reaches the tablet, where the app then uses triangulation to help determine the customer's position. After mixing the drink, the bartender leaves the bar to deliver the order, with the help of a smartphone app featuring a map that displays the customer's location. When the employee is within close range of the patron, the light at the base of the cup begins to flash, further pinpointing that individual.

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