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Invengo Buys Tagsys' Textiles, Industrial And Logistics RFID Divisions
- Nov 10, 2016 -

Invengo Buys Tagsys' Textiles, Industrial and Logistics RFID Divisions

Global RFID technology manufacturer Invengo has acquired Tagsys' RFID Textile Services, as well as its Industrial and Logistics Tag divisions, at a cost of €6 million ($6.8 million). The acquisition includes Tagsys' Acuity platform, which consists of ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) tags (LinTrak, BluTAG and Mutrak), RFID reader stations (such as the u-Door and e-Way), and servers for industrial laundry applications in Europe.
The acquisition, the company reports, will strengthen Invengo's ability to serve Europe's textiles sector, and will give Invengo access to Tagsys' clients and contracts in Europe and around the world. Invengo will serve Tagsys' existing customers, as well as and any new ones, from its new Textile Services (TS) division in France. Invengo is also acquiring Tagsys' legacy RFID tag business, which includes an array of tags and designs used in such specialized applications as airline baggage handling, document and asset management, and pharmaceutical and health care.

The LinTrak is a fabric-based tag containing a small UHF RFID inlay coupled with a secondary antenna made of thread. The tag can be sewn into a garment, inserted into a hem or heat-sealed under a patch.

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