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In Addition To Pay, What Is The Application Of NFC?
- Aug 04, 2017 -

In the early years, NFC began to appear in many flagship mobile phone, but its role is very limited, many people commented on the "tasteless", but also to some mobile phone manufacturers have appeared from the flagship products from carrying to the embarrassment The And the two years of the major manufacturers of the Pay is the NFC once again into the more people's vision. But in addition to payment, the NFC really no effect?

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication), also known as short-range wireless communications technology, by NXP Semiconductors, Nokia, Sony jointly developed. This technology evolved from non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection technology, enabling short-range and compatible devices for identification and data exchange. The current NFC is mainly used for point-to-point (business card, information exchange), card reader (read label, card reader), card simulation (identity authentication, payment) three scenes.

Three Patterns and Applications of NFC

Corresponding to the three scenarios, NFC total active, passive, two-way three modes of work.

Active mode

Active mode is also called card reader mode. Because NFC is compatible with a variety of international standards, including the current mainly used for bank card flash card electronic account standard PBC2.0, so NFC can be used to read bus cards, bank cards. Access cards, NFC tags and other products in the balance, the transaction record such non-encrypted information.

For example, Alipay's NFC function will support the query bank card e-cash account and nearly 10 transactions of the query, and WeChat NFC function can query the bus card balance and water, or even for its balance recharge.

Passive mode

Passive mode is that we say the card simulation, in this mode, the mobile phone NFC will be simulated into NFC compatible standard card, this model is currently the most widely used in NFC three modes, is considered the most useful NFC model. MEIZU PAY is currently in beta today is to use this model.

There are also many NFC simulation can make a simple access control card app, but there is a certain risk when used, if it is a novice, then do not recommend this operation Oh.

Bidirectional mode

Two-way model, as the name suggests, is through the NFC can exchange data, also known as P2P point-to-point data transmission mode, its advantage lies in the two devices close to close, you can exchange data, save a lot Pay more complicated. Android Ruby is Android4.0 very fire is based on this principle, with NFC equipment matching, and then through the Bluetooth contact, music, pictures, applications and other data transmission, but this application has begun to slow Slow to be weakened, after all, now the exchange of data has been more convenient way.

Remember that there was NFC, its biggest use is to brush a variety of written NFC tags, switch a variety of models or read the existence of the information, simply just feel fun, but tell the truth The role is not high. And now NFC as the hardware base for Pay, let us go out only need a cell phone can survive. Had to emotion, the progress of science and technology, really make our lives more convenient.

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