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Ikea Canada Engages Customers With RFID At Pop-up Store
- Jul 12, 2016 -

Ikea Canada Engages Customers With RFID at Pop-up Store

Ikea Canada has completed a two-week trial of a solution that enabled shoppers to purchase merchandise with the tap of a spoon, thanks to radio frequency identification technology. The system, deployed in a pop-up store in late May 2016, freed shoppers from having to push carts or carry baskets around the store. Instead, they simply carried a wooden spoon with a built-in RFID tag, and made their purchases by tapping the spoon against shelf readers.

The temporary store's marketing goal was to take the routine out of food and houseware shopping, and to encourage consumers to think beyond their usual products and buying habits. To achieve that goal, the store, which focused on two of Ikea's product lines (food and tableware), broke the conventional rules about how food is prepared and served, by offering unique growing, preparing and serving ideas for fresh food, along with products that included jams, seeds, pottery, glasses and other kitchenware.

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