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I Technology: Evaluation Of Technology RFID Modules Ultra Low Price I YW-411!
- Mar 25, 2016 -

Module introduction

2016 Beijing friends I, Ltd launched ultra-low-cost RFID module, model YW-411, price 35 Yuan. YW-411 is a high frequency RFID antenna integrated modules, main type of card reader M1 card, S50,FM08 card, the size of 45*45mm, the power supply voltage 3.3VDC, using the TTL UART (serial port) to communicate, can read the cards work in passive and active mode. This combines many functions in one, small size, and the price less than the price of a chip, what good does it do, and today we got the YW-411 sample, we will conduct a full range of performance testing. YW-411 RFID module samples for us to get the figure below.

Test content
On the perspective of users, we will test in several ways.
A) appearance
B) welding
C) card read distance
D) continuous read stability
E) card reader work current
3. the test equipment required
In order to test swab YW-411 module, we have prepared the following devices and software:
A) USB-TTL serial data line (3.3VDC power supply)
B) S50 and FM08 smart card one
C) serial Debugging Assistant software
4. test method

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