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Fresno Medical Center Uses RFID Technology To Revamp Parking Access
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Fresno-based Community Regional Medical Center is utilizing RFID technology produced by TagMaster North America to help it achieve its goal of developing a safe and reliable parking-access system. According to TagMaster North America, the medical center was unhappy with its existing solution, and so it turned to the company, a specialist in long-range RFID technology, for help.

A previously installed RFID system had performed poorly, making it difficult for faculty, administrators and staff members to reliably gain access to their assigned lots without the need for a manual override of the barrier arms, according to Ali Khaksar, TagMaster North America's president. This caused significant traffic congestion and delayed employees from reporting to their assigned duty positions to care for patients within a reasonable amount of time.

TagMaster devised a system that would allow for quick and hands-free vehicle access for hospital personnel and other medical staff. Its solution makes use of the company's LR-3 reader, as well as its S1240 MarkTag MeM, an automated vehicle identification (AVI) 2.4 GHz battery-powered RFID tag that can be mounted to a vehicle's windshield via TagMaster's WinFix MeM holder, which is affixed via double-sided adhesive tape. When a vehicle approaches a parking lot's entrance, the reader attempts to interrogate the AVI tag; if valid, the tag's credentials are logged and the barrier arm opens. If not, the arm remains closed, effectively barring access to anyone without proper authorization.

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