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Elecsys Buys Swiss Maker Of Specialty RFID Tags
- Jul 12, 2016 -

Elecsys Buys Swiss Maker of Specialty RFID Tags

Elecsys Corp., a publicly traded holding company with three main subsidiaries that provide electronic manufacturing, rugged mobile computing and remote monitoring solutions, has acquired MBBS, a Swiss manufacturer of specialized RFIDinterrogators and tags that can be hermetically sealed or encased in metal so they can withstand high temperatures, sterilization and other extreme conditions. 

Karl Gemperli, CEO of Elecsys—which is headquartered in Olathe, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City—characterizes the purchase as "a really good opportunity for us," stating, "I know people are all doom and gloom with the downturn of economy, but it will come back up. We look for growing and developing markets; the last thing we are going to do is buy into a maturing market. I believe RFID is on the upswing, and this acquisition seemed like a perfect opportunity."

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