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Digital Wave Era, The Use Of Bar Code RFID System Inventory Accuracy Can Be Increased To 95%
- Oct 17, 2017 -

The era of digital tide, the use of effective technology for the success of retailers is essential, and now, many retailers in the store inventory visualization are facing challenges. As retailers continue to open more physical stores, to further expand overseas markets, and with the network platform to diversify business operations, store inventory visualization challenges are gradually increasing; retailers for the supply chain real-time visualization needs become more urgent.

Digital wave era, the use of bar code RFID system inventory accuracy can be increased to 95%.

Excess inventory, out of stock and wear and tear and other issues will lead to global retailers lose $ 1.1 trillion. It is estimated that retailers can save 10% of their inventory costs by reducing inventory out of stock and out of stock.

Technology advances in areas such as machine vision, RFID and data analysis enable retail employees and customers to remotely view retail inventories and track product shipping processes to improve business visibility and ensure the accuracy of data fed back to the system The At present, only 65% of inventory accuracy is reported through retailer inventory management software.

In contrast, the use of bar code RFID system can improve the inventory accuracy to 95%. The use of item-level RFID has proven to be able to reduce inventory out-of-stock rates by 80 percent. Correspondingly, zebra technology research also shows that 70% of retailers plan to adopt or are using item-level RFID systems to enhance the visibility of its supply chain, but also save more inventory-related costs. For example, according to the feedback from the clothing retailer, it is possible to reduce the amount of work by 75% by upgrading the commodity counting method from manual counting to RFID automatic counting. This also allows the store to more effectively allocate the clerk's working hours, allowing it to be responsible for more important tasks.

Retailers can raise the level of inventory visibility to a higher level by further enhancing the automation of the supply chain. According to the Zebra technology, by 2021, 87% of retailers will be able to receive system out of stock out of stock prompts; 78% of retailers will deploy product positioning equipment; 76% of retailers will be inventory of video surveillance The

Zebra barcode visualization barcode technology to increase productivity and customer satisfaction, reduce costs and improve profitability. For the retail industry, an exciting new era is coming soon.

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