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Design Of A Intelligent Watt-hour Meter Based On RFID Technology
- Mar 25, 2016 -

MF RC500 is used in 13. 56MHz highly integrated IC contactless communication one of the series. The IC series uses the concept of advanced modulation and demodulation, and fully integrated at the 13. 56MHz all types of passive non-contact communication and protocols. MF RC500 IS014443A all of the layers. Internal transmitter part does not need to increase active circuits can be directly driven close operation of the antenna (100mm), the receiver section provides a sturdy and efficient demodulation and decoding circuit for ISO14443A compatible transponder signal. Digital part dealing with ISO14443A frames and error detection (parity and CRC). In addition, it also supports CRYPTOI encryption algorithm is used to validate the Ml team quickly RE products. Convenient parallel interface can be directly connected to any 8-bit microprocessor, which provides great flexibility to the design of the card reader Terminal, particularly suitable for applications in three tables.
RFID is a tool for prepaid electric energy meter, use of RFID technology, we can easily realize the prepaid electric energy meter. Using MF RC500 as RFID read and reduction in value. But because the bus spread, so you can't directly as external storage MF RC500 operation. In this regard, using the analog bus to communicate with the MF RC500. As shown in Figure 3 for MF RC500 and MSP43O connection diagram. P6 ports connected to the MFRC500 DO-D7. Pl. 6 READ,Pl. 7 WRITE,Pl. 4 ALE, P2. O RSTPD and so on. Recommended antenna on the antenna uses a data sheet.

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