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Density Sees Health-Care Applications For Its Foot-Traffic Sensors
- Aug 17, 2016 -

Density Sees Health-Care Applications for its Foot-Traffic Sensors

When it comes to counting people—just counting people, not tracking Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals from mobile phones to serve up advertising and to use as a proxy for crowd size—there are not many highly accurate, automated technologies. Andrew Farah wants to change that. The CEO of San Francisco startup Density believes his company has developed technology that can replace the handheld tally counter as the state-of-the-art technology.

Last year, Density engaged with a number of diverse organizations—Workfrom, a Portland-based startup that helps freelance workers find coffee shops offering good Wi-Fi and available seating; several gyms and workplaces on University of California campuses; and a homeless shelter—to run pilot tests and evaluate the first version of its IR sensor.

That sensor, which transmitted a pair of parallel infrared beams, was mounted, at roughly waist height, next to exit and entrance doors of each establishment. Each time a person walked through the door and disrupted the IR waveform, the sensor recorded his or her presence. The walker's direction—and, therefore, whether the person was entering or exiting the building—was deduced from whichever of the two IR beams was disrupted first.

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