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Community Hospital Finds RFID Is A Good Fit
- Aug 11, 2016 -

Community Hospital Finds RFID Is a Good Fit

Wayne HealthCare is a 100-bed hospital that has been serving the Greenville, Ohio, community for nearly 100 years. The facility employs more than 175 doctors, nurses and clinicians and has a 400-person support staff and hundreds of volunteers. But with a seven-person IT department, Wayne HealthCare had to outsource its annual inventory of IT assets, including computers, monitors, printers, networking equipment and peripherals. The inventory is required as part of a systems security audit. Each year, it took four contracted workers three days to inventory the 3,400-plus IT assets spread across the six buildings comprising the Greenville campus.

In 2013, Shelton Monger, Wayne HealthCare's chief information and corporate compliance officer, began looking for a way to reduce the time and cost of conducting the inventory counts. Having spent 28 years in the U.S. Air Force, in both active and contract duty, during which RFID was widely used for asset management, Monger was quite familiar with the technology and its benefits. Based on his Air Force experience, he was confident that using RFID to manage the hospital's IT assets would deliver a quick return on investment. As a member of the hospital's senior leadership team, he had budget control and the autonomy to allocate funds for the deployment.

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