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Canadian Uniform Company Tracks Products With RFID
- Apr 26, 2017 -

The system that Logistik Unicorp built in-house enables it to link raw materials with finished products, and to track those goods as they are received from a manufacturer, stored in its warehouse and then shipped to individual customers.

By Claire Swedberg

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For Quebec company Logistik Unicorp, radio frequency identification serves as a tool to ensure that Canadian military uniforms end up in the hands of those ordering them within a matter of days, and with a guarantee to meet strict quality requirements. Logistik has spent seven years using an RFID system, as well as printed serial IDs, that it developed to track which materials go into each item it makes, when finished products are received from the contracted companies it utilizes to manufacture those uniforms, and when they are packed and shipped to customers, such as the Canadian Armed Forces. This visibility ensures that the company's customers know that high-quality materials went into the manufacturing of their products, and that they will always receive accurate items in the right quantities, while most orders are shipped within five days after an order is placed online.

Since the solution was taken live in 2009, it has reduced the amount of time required to ship goods by 35 percent, according to Francis Alexandre Bibeau, Logistik Unicorp's warehouse director, and has made the process of receiving goods from its contracted manufacturer more accurate. Ultimately, he says, that leads to greater customer satisfaction and inventory accuracy.


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