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Belgian Company Gets An ROI From Its Warehouse-Management Solution
- Aug 11, 2016 -

Belgian Company Gets an ROI from Its Warehouse-Management Solution

For more than 60 years, ENGIE Fabricom has been providing specialized installation services—including electrical and instrumentation, piping and mechanical, and automation and process control—to customers in building, energy, industry, infrastructure, and oil and gas. The Belgian company, which operates a dozen branches, provides consumables, tools and vehicles to hundreds of project sites throughout the country.

In 2013, ENGIE Fabricom deployed an RFID asset-tracking solution in eight warehouses and storage locations geographically spread throughout Belgium, including a central warehouse in Antwerp. The solution has delivered a number of benefits, Janssens says, including improved data accuracy, enhanced processes (such as picking and receiving) and better inventory management. There is greater transparency for warehouse management, he adds, as well as less reliance on paper records and increased productivity among warehouse workers.

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