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Bauarte Invests In Visibility, Customer Experience
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Bauarte, which has been active in wholesale and retail sales of bags and accessories in the Bom Retiro region of São Paulo, Brazil, has offered domestic and imported products since 1995. This year, the company decided to invest in radio frequency identification technology. Its goal was to gain product visibility and enhance the customer experience. 

To this end, the company implemented a complete solution for receiving, selling and transferring all merchandise that it commercializes, which has been tagged with RFID for the purposes of inventory control and traceability. What was intended initially to be just a test has already become a reality in the firm's day-to-day business and roadmap for new investments.


All goods received are checked and tagged with RFID for product tracking and traceability purposes. Before products are moved to stock, an RFID read is performed on the conveyor belt, after which this information is stored in the system. The solution has brought benefits to customers, who can scan their products before heading to the cashier, thereby eliminating queues and expediting the checkout process.


With the information already registered for products in the system, the company reports, it becomes easier to control when a transfer is requested. Reading of the tags is performed to validate GS1's Electronic Product Codes (EPC) inside the sealed enclosures.


iTag Monitor middleware, developed by iTag Tecnologia, is responsible for reading the RFID tags. The software is present in all store processes, and validates and checks all labeled items.

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