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Air Canada Cargo Use RFID Delivers
- Jun 01, 2016 -

Air Canada Cargo use RFID Delivers

Air Canada Cargo is in the process of deploying an ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID solution to manage shipments as they move through its five hubs, or when they enter or leave one of the larger cargo-transfer stations it operates around the world.

Air Canada is Canada's biggest air cargo services provider, and most of its customers are large freight-forwarding companies and businesses that transport their products via expedited air service rather than aboard land vehicles. Approximately 10 years ago, Franwell approached Air Canada Cargo, looking to use the firm as a live laboratory for the testing of a radio frequency identification system to track the movements of cargo automatically. The cargo service provider has since spent several years testing and developing the technology, and is now deploying it across many of its stations.

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