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Accuride Brings RFID-enabled Access Control To Drawers
- Sep 20, 2016 -

Accuride Brings RFID-enabled Access Control to Drawers

Accuride International has released an RFID-enabled access-control solution to allow its customers to protect the contents of cabinets and drawers without the need for keys. The Senseon Secure Access system consists of low-frequency (LF) 125 kHz readers connected to electronic locks integrated with the drawers' sliding hardware, so that the solution remains invisible to users. Individuals can tap a badge or fob containing an embedded LF RFID tag in order to open a locked cabinet or drawer.

Accuride is a 50-year-old manufacturer of slides—hardware commonly used to affix a drawer to a cabinet, and consisting of rails on which the drawer rides. Slides can also be utilized in pullout shelving and drawers for desks and other furniture, as well as in appliances (such as refrigerators) and motor vehicles. During the past few years, Accuride has been investigating the use of access-control technology to provide security for cabinets. The company designed a patented locking system that could be built into the slides, and be used to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing a drawer or cabinet. However, notes Greg Rewers, Accuride's solutions marketing director, traditional access control in furniture requires keys, and managing those keys and who is using them can still pose a challenge. In additional, keyholes can mar the aesthetics of some furniture.

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