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'Proximity Button' Has A Beacon To Keep At-Risk Individuals From Straying
- Sep 08, 2016 -

'Proximity Button' Has a Beacon to Keep At-Risk Individuals From Straying

U.K. startup Proximity Care is offering a low-cost solution for tracking the movements of individuals and issuing an alert if they wander away from caregivers. The system—consisting of a smartphone, an app and a wearable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon—was developed by London industrial design consultancy Mettle Studio Ltd., and will be sold in the United Kingdom and Europe in November 2016, and in the United States next April.

Proximity Care was founded in 2014 by Natalie Price, who also serves as the creative producer of London-based advertising agency TMW Unlimited. Price says she was inspired to develop the solution by her mother, who works as a caregiver for Alzheimer's patients. Her mom must keep an eye on several patients whom she may take on walks or other excursions in small groups. It is imperative that no one wanders away, Price explains, but it is impossible for a caregiver to be looking in two directions at once.

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