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​RFID Keeps Quarry Drivers Moving
- Oct 11, 2016 -

RFID Keeps Quarry Drivers Moving

Throughout the past year, U.K.-based minerals company Longcliffe Quarries has been employing radio frequency identification technology to manage the movements of vehicles onto and off of its property. By providing a low-frequency (LF) passive RFID tag to each driver, as well as installing an RFID reader at the gate, the company says it can identify every vehicle that arrives, display instructions to the driver, and alert equipment operators at the loading site that the truck is arriving, as well as what product that vehicle requires.

The solution, including hardware and software that manages the collected read data, is provided by Command Alkon, a U.S.-based integrated solutions company for construction materials producers.

At Longcliffe Quarries' entrance gate, a truck driver places an RFID card near an HID Global ProxPoint Plus reader to receive authorization to proceed, as well as instructions indicating where the vehicle should go to pick up its load.

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