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What makes such a respected retailer RFID?
- Apr 08, 2016 -

What makes such a respected retailer RFID?

   According to Sanford C. Bernstein analysts estimate the company's retail business, through the use of RFID, Wal-Mart can be saved each year 8.35 billion U.S. dollars, most of them do not need to manually check stock because of the barcode to save labor costs. Although some analysts consider eight billion U.S. dollars of this figure too optimistic, but there is no doubt, RFID will help to solve the two biggest retail problem: Out-of-stock merchandise and wear and tear (due to theft and supply chain was to confuse the loss of product) , and now are stealing a single Wal-Mart one-year loss of almost two billion U.S. dollars, if a legitimate business turnover will reach this figure, we can in the United States the largest enterprises in 1000 ranked No. 694 ranking spaces. Research institutions is estimated that this RFID technology can help to reduce theft and inventory levels of 25

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