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What are the basic working principle ?
- Apr 08, 2016 -

What are the basic working principle ?

    RFID technology, the basic working principle is not complicated: Tab to enter the magnetic field, the readers receive the radio frequency emitted signal, by virtue of induced current obtained by the energy stored in the chip to send out product information (Passive Tag, passive tags or passive tags) , or take the initiative to send a frequency signal (Active Tag, active tags or active tags); readers read and decoded information, sent to the central information system relating to data processing

    A complete set of RFID systems, are from readers (Reader) and electronic tags (TAG) is the so-called transponder (Transponder) and application software system consisting of three parts, and its working principle are launching a specific frequency Reader radio wave energy to Transponder, to drive the internal circuitry Transponder data sent, this time reading Reader will then receive data, send the application to do the corresponding treatment

    To RFID card reader and electronic communication between the tag and look at the energy sensors in general can be divided into, inductively coupled (Inductive Coupling) and backscattering coupling (Backscatter Coupling) are two most general low-frequency RFID used first type, while the higher frequency of most of the second approach

    Reader in accordance with the use of the structure and technology are different can be read or read / write devices, RFID systems are the control and information processing centers. Reader is usually coupled modules, transceiver modules, control modules and interface modules. Reader and transponder generally use the half-duplex communication between the way information exchange, at the same time reader through the coupling to the passive transponder to provide energy and timing. In practice, further the adoption of Ethernet or WLAN implementation of object recognition, such as information collection, processing and transmission, such as remote management capabilities. RFID transponder systems are information carriers, the current transponder coupled with most of the original (coil, microstrip antennas, etc.) and micro-chip passive component unit

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