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UHF reader and UHF card to access control system
- Sep 05, 2016 -

For access control management,can install UHF high performance integrated reader on the gate, let person hang UHF card in front of chest,when walk close the gate,reader can detect the card. 

Follow are products simple introduction:

1.CF-RU5109,UHF RFID high performance integrated reader 

It can support ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2) protocol to read and write,built-in high performance 9dbi circular antenna,

the read range depends on the card and working environment,with RS232/WG26/RS485 interface.



2.UHF PVC card 

This card with UHF Alien H3 chip,can read and write,the read range depends on the reader,made by PVC material,the size is 86*54mm.



Our reader come with completed English SDK,demo software,user manual and source code,

those documents can help you develop the software for your application.

You can come to below link download the "CF-RU5106/5112 SDK" for checking in advance:


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