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RFID tag influence in the retailing industry
- Apr 08, 2016 -

RFID tag influence in the retailing industry

Imagine that : when you have a car full of groceries and go to the store's door, and no line up,As they can just completed the payment when they walked.Now technology makes this possible Scenes like this are likely to become a reality, and completely legal , It will hopefully replace thebarcode, But nowalso cannot be used in metal or aquatic environment .


For example , it can used in supermarket,

Shoppers will enjoy a wonderful shopping experience, because the RFID tag can contain large amounts of information.

the consumer will take the goods, such as bread, and fruit in a cart installedRFID reader, then can know the data of goods only in a flash, such as due date, the shipping history and total price.If your phone binding on the credit card, you can go and pay. Now technology makes this possible


RFID tags replace barcode for retailing/shopping(supermarket)

For a long time, 2d barcode was widely used in electronic passports, library management system, as well as the highway electronic tag system .

RFID tags will eventually replace the barcode position, because it's cheap,small and more faster.

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