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RFID clothing management
- May 19, 2016 -

RFID clothing management

First, clothing security features in clothing production process, using UHF issuing machine singl pieceof clothing, such as a number of important attributes: name, rank, number, type, fabric, lining, Wash, performance standards, product number, inspector number and other written into the corresponding electronic tag, and the electronic tag attached to the garment. Electronic tag attached to the way you can take: implanted in the garment, made of plate or tag mode or take anti-theft hard tags can be recycled methods. Every piece of clothing given to difficult to forge a unique identification tag,

Can effectively prevent counterfeiting acts, a good solution to the security problem of clothing.

Second, the warehouse management because of RFID technology in non-contact non-visual characteristics can also identify multiple tags, the dozens of electronic tag attached FCL apparel goods can be accurately read by the RFID reader-time the entire stream of data, greatly improves the efficiency of logistics.

If the use of RFID technology in storage management, logistics and distribution center storage management and storage management in retail stores to achieve, then you can achieve the "store and distribution center replenishment needs --- --- manufacturers' entire supply chain optimization of the management process. In warehouse management using RFID technology enables visual management of all management units, can greatly shorten the packaging, transportation, inventory, statistical time, thereby reducing damage, accelerate cash flow, a substantial increase in storage management efficiency.

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