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RFID loyalty management
- May 24, 2016 -

RFID loyalty management 


A loyalty program refers to a reward program presented by a company to clients who make frequent purchases. These are skillful marketing tactics intended to encourage customers to continue using the services of businesses related to each program. These programs provide purchasers with advanced access to brand new products, free items or special sales coupons or discounts.  Our solution automates the whole process by deploying state of the art RFID Loyalty program solution for Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail etc.


Chafon provides RFID solutions for such loyalty programs. Loyalty cards can be embedded with RFID tags which can help identify a customer as soon as he or she walks in. Retailers can then trigger specific discounts for the customers. RFID automation also speeds up the billing process at counters by eliminating the need to show the loyalty card or enter contact numbers.


Loyalty programs have two major functions. Firstly, they offer a customer rewards for conveying the loyalty of the brand. Secondly, they provide the issuing  brand with consumer information. The usage  of such programs offers supplementary information about the kinds of goods that may be obtained together. Loyalty programs also let the companies and customers know if certain coupons are more effective than others.

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