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RFID products for conference attendance management
- Sep 05, 2016 -

Nowadays, there are many large conference with high grade, such as some forum conference, summit meeting, people's congress and so on, will come with many representatives, and lead to the conference organization management work become more complex. Therefore, how to make the effective administration become an important core.

The traditional conference attendance method is signed by hand, and then through the public security check the representatives’ identity, it leads to the low work efficiency..
As the development of RFID technology, there are many organization use HF ISO15693 RFID gate reader and I-code2 RFID smart card to manage the representatives.
The specific usage as below:
1.    Use ISO15693 desktop reader writer with USB interface to write representative’s personnel information into card
2.    Install the HF ISO15693 gate reader at the conference entrance, reader connect with a computer or show screen, all the representatives hang I-code2 cards in front of chest, when they pass the gate reader, card information will transfer to computer, then show on the screen.
Please come to below link to check with the reader and card datasheet:
http://www.chafontag.com/productdetails.aspx?pid=450 (I-code2 card)
http://www.chafon.com/productdetails.aspx?pid=365 (ISO15693 desktop reader writer)
Our reader come with completed Englsih SDK,demo software,user manual and source code, there documents will help customer develop the specific management system.
Please come to below link to download"CF-RH900 SDK" and “CF=RH320 USB SDK” for checking at first:
Through this method, can let large conference management become more convenience and efficiency.

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