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Manufacturing line automation solution
- May 25, 2016 -

The manufacturing process in any industry is very complex and involves various steps.  Most of the time it is observed that manual controlling of the manufacturing process incurs a lot of time and slows down the entire operation.  In order to mitigate these issues, new innovations are being made to strengthen the whole process.

Chafon provides RFID solutions to which can manage and automate a business’s manufacturing processes. This technology has been proved to be an effective tool to counter diverse manufacturing challenges which includes security, quality control, asset management, production execution etc.


The benefits of RFID manufacturing line automation solutions are as follows:

1.RFID technologies are very effective in providing real time data of any process. A manufacturer can very easily detect performance of every step. This will facilitate timely delivery of the products.

2.Make manufacturer to get acquainted with the manufacturing defects. Thus proper steps can be adopted at the correct time to solve the issue. This in turn will help in maintaining the quality of the product.

3.RFID manufacturing line automation technology also helps in developing proper planning of the manufacturing process. Error free data regarding every step of manufacturing operation can be obtained by this technology.

4.Not only that, this technology also helps to mitigate the issue of theft during the production process. The complete data and inventory count can be maintained in an error free and systematic manner with this technology. A manufacturer can keep a track of each of the individual process very easily. This ultimately mitigates the chance of theft in the manufacturing process.

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