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RFID urban furniture management
- Apr 08, 2016 -

RFID urban furniture management

1.System Components

Based on radio frequency technology municipal public assets information management system consists of hardware and software constitute wisdom, hardware mainly RFID tags, wireless network management station and the handset; the actual design software system design basis and municipal facilities management platform J2EE of four structural design, and conduct customized design.

1.1 Hardware System

By the RFID tag, the composition of the base station and the handset.

RFID electronic tags

Based on Active RFID tag sensor firmware in the label design using low by our company independently design and development of a set of power consumption, high reliability and intelligent data processing algorithms; to achieve a transmission distance RFID tag is far, stable high, low power consumption, long life many excellent features. In wireless communications have also been specially optimized, combined with the above data processing algorithms, enabling real-time status of the target carrier intelligent monitoring, once the abnormal situation, immediately tag state analysis, exception information is transmitted to a remote wireless communications technology The base station for real-time alarm.

Data collection station

Data acquisition station with long-range reader technology, the electronic tag information reading timing, the received packet processing data validation and sent to the back; with WIFI, 3G and data transmission can be wired three, to ensure that information Transfer to the municipal server management platform; with real-time online features, you can synchronize receiving, processing more than covers the tag data, to ensure the system without delay, to meet the system for data collection and transmission of real-time requirements. If there is an abnormal situation, the base station identification and alerts, municipal officers immediately for emergency treatment, the effective protection of municipal public assets.


Handset, internal Bluetooth module or integrated UHF UHF radio module, can be connected to communicate with the label, the label of the relevant parameters to read and write, to send a single task while receiving the danger signals emitted by a background process, to facilitate the management staff target support various non-normal operation of a timely manner.

1.2 Software System

Software, system stability, maturity is high, with good compatibility, make detailed process needed to be put into use. The system uses J2EE technology development, in the design process using a common programming language and runtime support environment, the system has good customization.

Back system using B / S architecture, the main function is to achieve real-time monitoring of municipal assets and intelligent management. The public online via system RFID reader, real-time detection in the electronic tag within the region; at the same time, the electronic tag every few seconds (configurable) Upload a sensor data, back-office systems through the tag data analysis, acquisition target carrier Mobile, opened, damaged state. The development of this system is to address the lack of real-time management of traditional target carrier mechanism defects, proposed an intelligent, efficient and municipal asset facility management solutions, simplify the administrator of the municipal asset inspections, which focus, Rapid reaction treatment target carrier unusual circumstances, improve the efficiency of managers.


2.System Benefits

Complete all the objectives carrier states in real time monitoring, real-time identifying the target carrier state in which the abnormal situation will be differentiated according to the alarm category, such as coordinate offset, abnormal shift, the overall flip, off, etc., and the system can provide an alarm state disposal level such as emergency, urgent, common, etc., road construction, the alarm level, the alarm query content, the completion of the object carrier positioned traceability, alarm linkage, command and control, plan management, remote control, security, remote maintenance, statistical reports and other services.

The use of the system can effectively manage municipal public assets, greatly enhance the speed of response of the competent authorities, the work efficiency and reduce the error rate, change the past, the use of statistics and a lot of manual inspection of the operating mode, the information technology into the wisdom of urban management

3. The system uses

System used in the covers, trash, signs, urban sculpture and other municipal facilities, its status for 24 hours to detect, judge, police, maintain and manage the municipal staff in a timely manner, the use of this system to improve the efficiency of manual maintenance to prevent injury, property damage and other security issues.

3.1 manhole cover

Currently the city manhole cover management is basically in a state of labor management, time-consuming and little success, there are still a lot of layers of the accident. Our use of advanced radio frequency communication technology is designed to remotely manage a city manhole cover program, the use of state and environmental conditions within the system monitoring manhole manhole cover and proactive early warning and alarm status of manhole covers, manhole cover to avoid damage or stolen vehicles and personnel and resulting damage;

The use of this system to the manhole cover 24-hour surveillance, its damage, forced open, tilt, motion detection alarm and other abnormal state, the base station transmission, municipal personnel in a timely manner on the basis of information received emergency treatment, so as to effectively protect the municipal public asset security; this project has been completed the country's first large-scale demonstration and applications.

3.2 Trash

Currently the management of trash in a city who use the principle of who manages the integrated management of waste bins number, after filing, is assigned to each sector management, use, arranged by hand or take turns using the department management responsibility to the people; in this By species management status, often overflowing trash and stench again and again as the timely processing problems.

Optional use of the system can monitor the status of the trash can, when there is garbage overflowing and occur stench, issued by the electronic tag alarm information, backstage managers to make timely response by alarm type and rating platform display; the system of garbage Effective management of the barrel, make the city cleaner

3.3 signs

Currently the management of the signs are also in the state of labor management, by different receiving department, unit management, and the lack of effective and efficient management efforts; once signs problems, it will bring with inconvenience and harm other derived drivers.

The use of this system can avoid the above problems, the signs for 24 hours to control, upon detection of damage, collapse, mobile and other abnormal conditions, the implementation of the electronic tags will alarm function, a response by the management staff work first time; a radical improvement the current management situation, so the signs all the information, the situation is displayed on the platform standardization.

3.4 lights

The brightness of lights, damage, loss or theft detection, security night road road light.

Currently on the street management, the use of manual inspection of the way, there are regular checks and inspection particularity; regular inspection of every few days to check the particularity of inspection are equally encountered bad weather and special events for immediate inspection, on the street lack of timely and effective management.

Optional use of the system, the brightness of lights, damaged, lost, stolen, lampposts collapse, damage detection, when an exception occurs, the electronic label will issue a warning message to be urgently addressed by management in accordance with the received information so standardized and effective management of lights, and prevent the occurrence of related incidents.

The above, we can see that the current lack of efficient and effective municipal facilities management, through the development of our management system will have urban facilities information, status, management, maintenance management platform on accurate, standardized, detailed-oriented show.

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