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RFID Healthcare Management
- Apr 08, 2016 -

RFID Healthcare Management 

1.System introduction

In recent years, drug safety, medical malpractice and disputes occur frequently, more and more countries have begun to pay attention to rectify regulate the health care market. For different problems in various fields such as the pharmaceutical industry anti-counterfeiting of drugs, hospital staff rounds and management. These solutions employ radio frequency identification (RFID), combined with RFID hardware and software technology to ensure the quality of medical procedures and operations, improve the quality of medical services and manage security.

2.System application field

Patients tracking:

Patients can wear RFID wristband tags,RFID wristband tags detailed patient information is recorded, the information of all RFID wristband can be stored in the respective computer database. By using RFID wristband tags and fixed on certain doorways and corridors reader can identify and track patient management to ensure patient activity does not exceed a predetermined range.

Newborn babies tracking

When entering the hospital, pregnant women are provided RFID tags, labels, pregnant women in the relevant information, such a label would be tracking of pregnant women giving birth. Once the child is born, they will be provided with ankle tags and labels in a timely manner with the baby mothers were compared to avoid confusion maternal events.

operation room management

Out of the operating room, surgical instruments, patient identification and surgical site can be recorded and managed by RFID readers and RFID tags. Confirm and reconfirm the identity of the surgeon after surgery physicians, anesthetists, physician assistants, nurses before surgery identities are using RFID technology to manage.

3.system features

1. to enhance the safety of drug administration

2. to protect the safety and privacy of patients

3. so that health workers to work more efficiently and accurately convenient

4. to achieve the whole process of medical information management

5. to avoid the occurrence of medical malpractice and disputes

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