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RFID casino management
- Apr 08, 2016 -

RFID casino management

Nowadays, there are many casinos for people to entertainment, but one casino with many chips need to manage,

in order to let the management become more efficient and system, some casino use RFID products for this application management.

As we know, in the casino, there are many gaming tables,and every gaming tables also come with many blocks for different player,

different blocks with different chips, the chips will be overlap.

For this application, can use the HF technology to manage all these chips, first of all, need put RFID chips inside the casino chips,

put many HF antennas under the gaming tablets for every blocks, and use our ISO15693 long range reader connect with HF antennas,

when get power, the reader and antenna will work and read chips information, then you can know about where are the chips.

Follow is the simple introduction for all products can be used for casino chips management:

1.About the reader, our model number is CF-TU9416.

This is a 4w long range reader, the frequency is 13.56MHz,it can support ISO15693 protocol to read and write, the read range can up to 70~90cm if connect with standard HF antennas and use the standard HF tags at the normal environment, it come with 16 antenna ports, can connect with 16pcs antennas at the same time, the interface with RS232/RS485/TCP/IP,and if you need WiFi,we also can help you customize, use WiFi instead of TCP/IP interface.

Our reader come with completed English SDK, demo software, user manual and source code, and these documents will help you develop the software for your application.

2. About the antenna, it need to be customized according customer's specific requirement, because different casino with different kinds of tables, and the blocks size also different.

3. About the chips, need to be put I-code2 chips inside, so that can be read by reader and antenna.

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